Our Core Values





Origin Story  

Teleworking is the new normal but sometimes it can be really hard to set up an ideal place to work in your home. Having a workspace you love can make you happier and more productive.

During the pandemic, more than 1 in 3 people stated that their lack of a physical workspace was impacting their work-life balance, and having a simple way to create a home work space has never been more relevant.


We are building a simple solution that can help our customers feel they are making the right decision for their workspace, their well-being and for the planet.


Homewerk.ai helps our consumer simplify the home workspace set-up journey. We allow the employee to consolidate the steps of workspace design planning, idea generation, sourcing the products, and assembling the furniture into just a few easy clicks.


Let's create a workspace you love, without the work. 


What sparked you to make Homewerk.ai?

As founders, we all came from backgrounds of highly demanding careers. We've all been overwhelmed juggling work and life, and after the pandemic couldn't find a simple solution on how to build the right workspace without the hassle, so we made it.


Can I customize my order?

Yes! We want to give you a base to make your workspace more effective but everyone has their own unique take on how they want their space, we give you the flexibility to add or remove certain items to make it right for you



Why is sustainability so important?


We know our customers want a great workspace, but they also care about where they are purchasing their products and the ecological impact of what they buy. Homewerk AI stands by the vendors and retailers that are making that possible and curating for you.